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6 Essential Land Documents in Nigeria: Unlocking Secure Land Purchase

Land Documents Nigeria | Secure Land Purchase | Documents for Secure Land Purchase in Nigeria

What Documents Do You Need to Buy Land in Nigeria?

If you’re considering investing in real estate in Nigeria, say you want to invest in land banking, understanding the necessary paperwork is crucial. This becomes especially important when dealing with land transactions. To ensure a seamless and transparent change of ownership, it’s essential to be well-informed about the specific documents required.

Let’s delve into the details. Familiarize yourself with these indispensable documents as navigating the world of land acquisition in Nigeria can be intricate. Stay informed to protect yourself from potential fraudulent activities.

– Survey Plan: Navigating the Property Landscape

Have you ever wondered about the significance of a survey plan? Think of it as a map for a property, delineating its boundaries precisely. This document aids both the owner and neighbors in identifying the specific boundaries of each piece of land. When initiating a property purchase, securing this document should be your first step.

To legitimize it, the survey plan must undergo verification at the Surveyor General’s office to confirm that the land isn’t earmarked for government use. It’s crucial to ensure the survey plan comes from a registered surveyor. How can you verify its authenticity? Look for these key details:

– Owner’s name on the document.
– Address or description of the land.
– Size of the land in square meters.
– A drawing illustrating the shape and size.
– Beacon numbers.
– Surveyor’s information: name, date of the survey, and their stamp.

Avoid purchasing land earmarked for government projects; this precaution can save you significant trouble later on. Since this document is public, don’t hesitate to request it and don’t let anyone pressure you to proceed without it.

– Approved Layout: Building in the Right Zone

While not the most critical aspect of land acquisition, an approved layout holds importance. It provides information about the permissible types of structures in a given area—residential, industrial, agricultural, etc. Imagine buying land only to discover later that you can only construct a factory. This makes the approved layout document valuable.

– Deed of Assignment: Securing Ownership Rights

Considered a non-negotiable document, the deed of assignment signifies the transfer of all rights and ownership from the seller to the buyer. This agreement must be registered to validate the transaction. Look for the following details within the deed:

– Names and addresses of the buyer and seller.
– Land history and related documents.
– Agreed cost of the land.
– Size and description of the land.
– Signatures of both parties and witnesses.
– Commissioner of Oaths signature or Governor’s Consent for official validation.

Do not finalize the deal without this document, as unscrupulous individuals might exploit its absence to resell the property.

– Purchase Receipt: Documenting the Transaction

Obtaining a purchase receipt might seem straightforward, but it’s crucial for proving the payment for the property. This receipt is especially necessary for registering the land. However, it should not be used as an excuse to bypass acquiring a deed of assignment.

– Certificate of Occupancy / Governor’s Consent: The Cornerstone Documents

The Certificate of Occupancy, commonly known as “C of O,” is the primary document proving land ownership, issued by the state government. It safeguards your ownership in the event of government projects affecting your land. Equally vital is the Governor’s Consent, obtained when purchasing a land with an existing “C of O.”

These documents serve as the cornerstone for land acquisition in Nigeria. Some lists might suggest additional documents, such as:

– Power of Attorney: Empowering Others in the Process

While not directly related to land ownership, the Power of Attorney allows a landowner to authorize someone else to handle land-related transactions, including selling. If you’re buying through an agent, ensure you see this document. If you’re the buyer, consider obtaining one to streamline paperwork at the land registry.

When venturing into land acquisition, seeking professional assistance is a wise choice. It not only ensures a smoother process but also mitigates potential issues in the future.

Can I proceed with a land purchase without a survey plan?

 It’s highly advised against it. A survey plan ensures clarity on property boundaries and helps avoid future disputes.

It dictates the type of structures allowed in a specific area, preventing unexpected limitations on your property use.

Skipping this crucial document may expose you to the risk of property resale by unscrupulous individuals.

While important, a purchase receipt alone is not enough; a deed of assignment is equally necessary for a secure transaction.

The “C of O” is a legal proof of ownership issued by the state government, safeguarding your ownership against government projects.


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